Diane Royal

Pelicans: Daisy - iHeartSeabrook

Diane Royal has been in love with the Pelican Path Project since its inception and for her 26th wedding anniversary her husband Mayor Glenn Royal purchased a pelican for their new dream home in “Old Seabrook”.   The design inspiration combines various elements but is mostly from the heart.

Debi Star

Pelicans: Clear Falls High School Knight, Lake Point Forest Captain, Bayside Little League, Metallic Sunset, Puzzled

Debi Starr, a native Texan, has been creating art all of her life. She holds a BFA degree as well as her teaching certificate in Art Education. Debi incorporates a multitude of mediums into her paintings and has been a full time artist and an art teacher for over 25 years. She loves sharing her passion of creating art!

Faith Shallis

Pelicans: Lone Star, Cowboy, Houston Texan & PW Arthur

Faith Shallis primary works with oils but has expanded her creativity to include computer presentations. She studied under Frank Gray in California and was commissioned by Franklin Insurance Agency to do a portrait of Benjamin Franklin in 1999. Faith just recently finished Arthur, the 2016 Seabrook City Council’s pelican who will be residing at the new Public Works and Animal Shelter and Adoption Center just off Red Bluff Road next to the fire training ground.

Stacy Oddo

Pelicans: Mermaid Pelican

Stacy is a Bay Area product and was the owner of Bernardo’s Flowers, formerly located in Seabrook. Stacy loved designing the Mermaid Pelican that use to live at 1918 NASA Parkway.

Richia Kerber & Linda Bonnin Wells

Pelicans: Pumba

Richia Kerber (pictured on the right) is a native Texan raised in the Houston area. She received her Bachelor and Master degrees from Sam Houston State University and was an art teacher for over 20 years.

Lina Bonnin Wells was born and raised in the Houston area. A junior high art teacher in the Deer Park I.S.D, Wells taught for over 30 years and loves antiques and traveling.

Pumba has recently been located to the Seabrook Police Department.

Bejat McCracken

Pelicans: Pelican in Bloom, Flight Over Seabrook, Migratory Birds, Predator and Hooty

Both an artist and environmentalist, Bejat McCracken’s work can be seen in galleries and restaurants throughout Austin and Houston. Some well known works can be found at Landry’s, GAP, Texas PTA Grand Cafe in Austin.

She and her husband founded the TADPOLE organization which studies amphibian distribution and populations for rain forests of Ecuador.

Pat Chapin

Pelicans: Sail into Seabrook & Fishing Paradise

A commercial artist from South Padre, Pat Chapin produces art work, ceramic designs and retail works. Much of her work is inspired by marine life.

Pat’s work can be seen at commercial locations as well as individual residences across the county. She is well regarded fro her trademark, the Mermaid.

Pat Chapin is pictured (left) with Baycomber Magazine Editor Sue Mayfield-Geiger. They posed with Sailing into Seabrook just before she traveled to Chicago to be displayed at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Ippy Greer

Pelicans: Big Bird, Fly Boy and Scuba Pelly

An artist for over 40 years, Ipy Greer prides himself in his large public art projects and his work can be seen in the Lubbock Public Library, the San Jacinto Junior College campus in addition to many other corporate and private displays.

John McCartney

Pelicans: Surfer and Pelican Pete

A transplant from the North to Texas, John McCarty has committed himself to the pursuit of both the visual and performing arts. John enjoys imagination and dreams to expand on his nature subjects. This has found him using mediums which run the gamut from layering plans or acrylic to the use of wood, plastic, metal and leather. John’s work can be found in galleries in Houston, Galveston and New York’s SOHO District.

Judith McConnel

Pelicans: The Potted Pelican

Judith McConnel has pursed her creative artistic career via working and teaching youth to appreciate craft and art. This has taken her to levels of many types of mediums to demonstrate the heart to heart between the art and its artist. While she designed and painted the Potted Pelican, which is made of shells that depict the wildflowers of Texas, she worked at the Community Artists’ Collective instructing young people and developing their appreciate of art.

Violet Navarro

Pelicans: Tattoo Pelican and assisted with Posey

A young aspiring artist who studied at the Community Artists’ Collective in Houston and was enrolled in art at the Gregory Lincoln Magnet school, Violet Navarro has interests from animation, sculpting, to crafts of all kinds. She has won awards for her art through the Houston Art Car Parade.

Paul Urbanek

Pelicans: Uncle Sam, Wally and Commodore

Paul Urbanek has been creating visual delights since 1983. For 34 years he built and designed floats for the Foley’s Thanksgiving Day parade as well as doing designs which he received awards for at the national known Offshore Technology Conference. Many of his designs can be see on displays at several malls.

Deborah Walsh

Pelicans: Mardi Gras, Seabrook Coastline, Easy Flier, Parrot, Blackjack Pelican and Peg Leg Cajun

Deborah Walsh is originally from Galveston and has pursued her art career focusing on oils using color and the bravado of the paint to describe her subject. She has enjoyed exhibits commercially throughout Houston and surrounding areas. She has also received numerous awards for her expressive talent.

Jeremy Van Pelt

Pelicans: Bay Area Magazine

A talented graphic artist that  made the transition to print work after spending a couple of years on the West Coast working in video production and editing, Jeremy Van Pelt was  a key addition to the BAMS team.