Purchase a Pelican

How to Purchase a Pelican

Would you like to have a pelican perched at your Seabrook business, in your neighborhood or on display within one of our parks? Then you may consider purchasing a pelican. The City of Seabrook does not profit from pelican sales. All fees to manufacture, design, paint, mount, protect and maintain are at cost.


All pelican patrons must sign an agreement that they accept responsibility as owners of the pelican and that they are responsible for its upkeep. Should the pelican become in disrepair, vandalized, or defaced, the owner must have it repaired at the fiberglass fabricators and have it re-painted to it original design. Damaged pelicans left unattended or repaired may be confiscated by the City of Seabrook. The pelican patron must agree to meet the placement and display guidelines as outlined below. If an owner moves their business or residence from Seabrook they may take the pelican with them, however, it is the suggested to donate the pelican to the Marcy Fryday Pelican Path so that it can be displayed in Seabrook for years to come.


Pelicans are manufactured from fiberglass at Cosmetic Boat Repair in Kemah. The City of Seabrook owns the two molds for the pelican design. After the pelican is painted, the fiberglass fabricators put a top-coat on the pelican to protect it from sun, wind and rain. Each pelican is mounted to a cement pad. The pelican is manufactured and mounted to sustain 110 mile per hour winds. The owner may not remount the pelican.


The artistic embellishment of the pelicans must be planned and completed by an artist that has been approved by the City of Seabrook. The design must be approved by the City of Seabrook prior to the release of the Artist Commission Fee. Political, religious and commercial messages and icons are not acceptable art or design. Placement of business advertising and/or logos is not permitted. Content that could hurt the personal integrity of a third party or group is forbidden. Any pelican that is defaced in such a manner which is offending to the public, must be covered immediately so as not to be displayed in this unacceptable manner.


If the pelican patron chooses not to have the pelican mounted at his/her place of business, the patron may request a placement location. ALL PELICANS MUST BE PLACED WITHIN SEABROOK CITY LIMITS. When positioning a pelican for display the pelican must be placed in compliance with city and TxDOT code and regulations, in addition to deed restrictions if placed within a neighborhood. The City of Seabrook shall have the right to approve the final location of any pelican. The City of Seabrook has the right to relocated the pelican during an event for promotion of the event or for promotion of the Pelican Path Project.

Please note that pelicans may be placed at your residence, however, the pelican must be viewable to the public and your address will be published to the pelican map and website. 


The artist responsible for paying the pelican is responsible for the pick up the pelican from the fiberglass fabricator once the pelican is molded. The artist is also responsible for getting the pelican back to the fabricator for the top coat once it has been painted. The City will then mount the pelican to the concrete pad and place the pelican as agreed upon by the pelican patron and the City of Seabrook.


The City of Seabrook maintains the right to publish the name and address of the pelican along with the artist name on all promotional materials.


Pelican patrons must pay in full at the time of the agreement. Pricing is below.

Pricing - $3,125

  • Pelican Fabrication……………….. $1,250
  • Artist Commission……………….. $1,000
  • Pelican Top Coat………………….. $300
  • Cement Pad/Mount……………… $275
  • Pelican Maintenance Fund……. $300

Apply to be
a Pelican Artist!

Email your work to our Pelican Team

We are looking for talented artists to design and paint our beloved pelicans. Each artist will receive a  fee that will need to be used for the purchase of materials and serve as a commission to paint the pelican. Any materials needed above and beyond the artist fee will need to be negotiated between the pelican owner and the artist. Keep in mind that pelican art must be able to withstand the elements, so “add-on features” should be produced using fiberglass. Materials such as cloth, plastic, aluminum and other materials are not recommended.

If you are interested in becoming an artist please email our Pelican Team to express your interest and send her at least five samples of your work. We encourage you to submit public art pieces to give us a better idea of the scope of your talent.