Meet our Pelicans

Meet the Seabrook Pelicans


Artist: Diane Royal

Daisy was designed and painted by Diane Royal, Mayor Glenn Royal’s wife and lives just outside their beautiful yellow house in Old Seabrook. She was named after Diane’s beloved Australian Terrier, who can be seen sitting at the feet of the larger than life fiberglass pelican.

Fly Boy

Artist: Ippy Greer

Fly Boy was designed and painted by Ippy Greer, and lives outside of the Crew Quarters apartments on Larrabee St. He sports a leather bomber jacket, scarf, snoopy cap, and googles and he’s ready for take off at a moment’s notice!

Fishing Paradise

Artist: Pat Chapin

Visit Fishing Paradise at the Seabrook Waffle Company and grab some breakfast before heading out for your big day of fishing! Fishing Paradise was designed and painted by Pat Chapin.

Scuba Pelly

Artist: Ippy Greer

Scuba Pelly was designed and painted by Ippy Greer, and lives outside of Lance’s Turtle Club on NASA Rd 1. He’s got his trunks, flippers, goggles, and SCUBA gear and is ready to dive in to adventure!


Artist: Faith Shallis

Howdy! Texan sits on the corner of SH-146 & NASA and is a huge fan of the Houston Texans. He’s got his jersey on and a football under one wing, so he’s ready to get out on the field! Go Texans!

Migratory Birds

Artist: Bejat McCracken

Migratory Birds sits under shady tree on the beautiful Lakewood Yacht Club property. He celebrates all the wonderful bird watching opportunities, different species, and spots found in Seabrook.


Artist: Paul Urbanek

John & Betty Burkland purchased Wally to sit outside their business, Technical Automation Services Corporation. Wally, painted by Paul Urbanek, serves as Seabrook resident Pelican and was designed as a tribute the numerous area residents who have represented our county while in space.


Artist: Paul Urbanek

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail with Commodore Pelican as he guards the entrance to Lakewood Yacht Club with his trusty parrot sidekick. He was designed and painted by artist, Paul Urbanek.

Pelican Pete

Artist: John McCarty

When Pelican Pete isn’t out to sea living a pirate’s life, he calls the Sundance Grill II in Kemah his home. He’s one of two Seabrook Pelicans that have moved away from Seabrook. He’s a wonderful ambassador for our Community.


Artist: Violet Navarro

Tattoo is covered head to toe in, you guessed it, tattoos! His tattoos represent all the wonderful wildlife and activities that Seabrook has to offer. He was painted by Violet Navarro & sits on the corner of Seabrook Plaza Shopping Center.

Seabrook Coastline

Artist: Deborah Walsh

Seabrook Coastline has a map of the our coast on his wings and highlights all the great activities that happen in Seabrook waters. he sits in the Marcy Fryday Pelican Path. He was painted by Deborah Walsh.

Lone Star

Artist: Faith Shallis

If you have ever paid a visit to City Hall then you have probably met Lone Star. He shows his pride for Texas by wearing the Texas Flag. Faith Shallies, Seabrook’s very own, painted Lone Star. Faith who worked for the city for over ten years. Visitors and residents love taking selfies with Lone Star.

Big Bird

Artist: Ippy Greer

Big Bird was purchased by Brad & Kim Emel to sit outside of the Seabrook Classic Cafe on NASA Rd 1. He’s sporting a cool, pompadour hairdo and is offering up a delicious hamburger. He was designed and painted by Ippy Greer.


Artist: Richia Kerber & Linda Bonnin Wells

Pumba was purchased by the Seabrook Police Officer’s Association to honor all the brave men and women who serve their community in the Seabrook PD. He was designed and painted by Richia Kerber and Linda Bonnin Wells.


Artist: Faith Shallis

Mosey on over to the corner of Meyer & 4th St and visit Cowboy. He’s got his six shooter ready to go but don’t worry, he’s a friendly old dude. Cowboy was designed and painted by Faith Shallis.

Uncle Sam

Artist: Paul Urbanek

Uncle Sam was commissioned by former Mayor of Seabrook Jack Fryday and his wife Marcy, who the Marcy Fryday Pelican Path is named after. He was designed & painted by Paul Urbanek & sits on the Fryday’s property on Bryan Ave.

We have several pelicans to add, so be sure to check back later to see all the Pelicans that have flocked to Seabrook!